Two!Ears targets visionary research on advanced computational models of human audition. The project is interdisciplinary in several ways, and tries to put into practice what has been portrayed as the way to follow in audition modelling, namely, to include cognition and the extraction of meaning, and the active way in which humans explore their environment. Given the overall strong role of sound in our modern society – including both positive aspects, like communication, sound design, sound scape generation, and negative aspects such as noise impact, stress and hearing damage – it is of great practical value to have automatic tools for the analysis and evaluation of sound-related effects. Our scientific approach and dissemination strategy ensures that the ambitious goals will lead to results that have breakthrough character and show strong impact on science, technology and society.

The following is a list of key-features of the project:

  • Human-centeredness
  • Toolbox of evaluated modules
  • Active Hearing
  • Cross-modal integration
  • Meaning extraction and  awareness
  • Exploration & top-down adaptation
  • Public model software & audiovisual scene database