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We have recently published some demonstrations of sound source localisation using the blackboard and GenoM3 architecture. Check them out on the Media page: here

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If you want to talk about the auditory system to your students it is sometimes hard to find free material like illustrations of the phenomenon. Here, we provide an illustration that is available under the Creative Commons license and can be used for all purposes. The image is available as png, svg, eps, pdf.


The parts highlighted in blue are the auditory path way starting with the cochlea and ending in the auditory cortex.
In between marks are highlighting the processing steps starting at the cochlear nucleus, superior olivary complex, and lateral lemniscus in the brainstem going further to the inferior colliculus in the midbrain and the medial geniculate body in the thalamus.

The idea for this illustration is borrowed from B. Grothe, M. Pecka, and D. McAlpine Mechanisms of Sound Localization in Mammals. The cochlea and outer ear is from L. Chittka and A. Brockmann, Perception space–the final frontier. The sketch of the brain is based on K. Talbot et al, Synaptic dysbindin-1 reductions in schizophrenia occur in an isoform-specific manner indicating their subsynaptic location.

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