Two!Ears Auditory Model 1.1 released

A new version of our software framework was published today, please go to the download section and have a look at the installation guide in order to try it out.

Besides lots of bug fixes, the main new features of this release are:

Binaural simulator:
* Works now under Matlab 2015b
New processors in the Auditory front-end:
* precedence effect processor
* MOC feedback processor
New knowledge source in the Blackboard system:
* Segmentation knowledge source
* Deep neural-network based localisation knowledge source
* Coloration knowledge source
* Localisation knowledge source for evaluating spatial audio systems
New Database entries:
* Results from listening test on coloration in wave field synthesis
New Examples:
* DNN-based localisation under reverberant conditions
* Segmentation with and without priming
* (Re)train the segmentation stage
* Prediction of coloration in spatial audio systems
* Prediction of localisation in spatial audio systems

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